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Principals Message

Education, in a sense, is the nurturing of the mind and the body so that every child exhibits potentialities inherent in it. It is in many ways similar to gardening, in which a seed is watered, manure is added and it is guarded and protected as it grows to its full potential. We all know how critical these steps in gardening are for the proper development of the seed. Activities in a school are similarly critical, if not more, for the proper development of the child. It is with a sense of confidence and with a lot of pride I can state that Arunodaya Higher Secondary School (AHSS) is an ideal garden for children. We at AHSS nurture children from kindergarten level (3+ years) right up to class XII. We provide our students with a good ambience, great infrastructure and a caring faculty, which help in laying solid foundations for every child’s growth. Our students tread on a path of balanced curricular and co-curricular activities, essential for their proper physical, mental and social development. Thus, our students have excelled in both national and international academic field as well as in sports and other co-curricular activities. AHSS helps its children move out from the darkness of ignorance to become a shining star in the world. Historically writing, AHSS, began its journey in (2015 BS), operating from its present premise as a primary school. With the passage of time, it grew both horizontally in size and vertically in academic levels. The ever increasing student strength and the retention of a very high percentage of staff members speak volumes of the confidence society has had on AHSS. Today, we have modern buildings, and laboratories catering to over eleven hundred children. I do not have an iota of hesitation when I claim today that AHSS is a happy family of motivated children, satisfied parents, caring staff and committed promoters. We, at AHSS are well aware of the expectations all stakeholders have from us. We also hold the pulse of society and are aware of its ever-changing needs. AHSS also keeps itself abreast of developments in the field of education and utilizes these for the betterment of its programs. After all, our garden of education needs to continue caring for newer seeds and produce beautiful flowers. It is our avowed policy and constant endeavor to provide our children with the perfect education and towards this end …we have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep’