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1.Revised and New Curriculum- 2066 B.S. (Effective from Shrawan 2067 for Grade XI & for Grade XII Shrawan 2068)
 Click HERE Business Studies - Grade XI & XII (New)
Click HERE Computer Science - Grade XI & XII (Revised)
Click HERE Chemistry - Grade XI & XII (Revised)
Click HERE Travel & Tourism- Grade XI & XII (Revised)
Click HERE Political Science - Grade XI & XII (Revised)
Click HERE Mathematics - Grade XI & XII (Revised)
Click HERE Com. Nepali - Grade XI (Revised)
Click HERE Marketing - Grade XII (Revised)
Click HERE Practice Teaching - Grade XII (Revised)
Click HERE Social Studies - Grade XII (Revised)
Click HERE Instructional Evaluation - Grade XII (Revised)
2.Application Form
 Click HERE (26.9 KB)
 Click HERE (Physics) - Grade XI & XII
Click HERE (Biology) - Grade XI & XII
Click HERE (Sociology) - Grade XI & XII
Click HERE ( Contemporary Society) - Grade XII
Click HERE ( Linguistic) - Grade XI & XII
Click HERE ( Child Development & Learning) - Grade XII
4.New Curriculum - 2065 B.S.
 Click HERE (Introduction to Education - Grade XI) 
Click HERE (Instructional Pedagogy - Grade XI) 
Click HERE (Gender Studies - Grade XII) 
Click HERE (Food and Nutrition - Grade XII) 
Click HERE (Rural Development - Grade XI & XII) 
Click HERE (Element of Finance - Grade XI & XII) 
Click HERE (Co-operative Management - Grade XI & XII) 
Click HERE (General Law - Grade XI & XII) 
Click HERE (Library and Information Science - Grade XI & XII) 
Click HERE (Physics Education - Grade XI) 
Click HERE (Chemistry Education - Grade XII) 
Click HERE (Biology Education - Grade XI) 
Click HERE (Environment Education - Grade XI & XII) 
Click HERE (General Concepts of Education - Grade XII) 
Click HERE (Introduction to Educational Psychology - Grade XII)
Click HERE (Teaching Health & Environment Science -- Grade XII)
5.Prerequisite Curriculum - 2064 B.S.
 Click HERE (English) 
Click HERE (Nepali) 
Click HERE (Physics) 
Click HERE (Chemistry) 
Click HERE (Biology) 
Click HERE (Mathematics)
6.Subject Selection Mannual - 2055 B.S. Revised 2065 B.S.
 Click HERE (PDF Document - 288KB)
7.Subject Committee formation in 2064/02/08 & 2064/02/23
 Click HERE
8.Change of Curriculum (Political Science & Contemporary Society)
 Click HERE